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Pre-1945 state roads 64-100

One useful source is a 1939 list published by the SRD. I had previously taken notes on all the laws, but this combines them in one handy booklet.

Note that many of the legislatively-defined routes were never built or never acquired by the state. This is especially true of higher numbers.

#yearfromtovia (post-1945)
641927LargoGandy Bridge686
65192713 south of GainesvilleWilliston331 (now 121)
66192915 near Jefferson-Taylor County lineHampton Springsunbuilt
original 66, defined in 1925, went from Bristol to Tallahassee via Telogia and Hosford, was realigned and extended west to 20 near Fountain in 1927, and became part of 19 (later 500) in 1929
671927Childs25 south of Moore Haven17 Childs to south of Venus
25 south of Venus to south of Moore Haven
designated in 1923 as part of 26; removed from 26 by 1931; south end of 67 moved from Clewiston to south of Moore Haven in 1931 (readded to the state road system in 1935 as part of 29)
681927Orange ParkWorthington Springs224 west of Orange Park
21 west of Orange Park to Keystone Heights
100 Keystone Heights to Theressa
18 Theressa to Worthington Springs
a new alignment was built from Orange Park to Middleburg ca. 1940; the old route remained 259 (defined 1933) and 68-A (1937)
68-A1933Doctors InletSanderson220 Doctors Inlet to Middleburg
218 Middleburg to Highland
unbuilt/local roads Highland to Sanderson
defined from Middleburg to Highland in 1933; extended both ways in 1937 (Doctors Inlet to Middleburg was 68 until a new alignment was built ca. 1940)
68-B became part of 261 in 1935
691927Live OakSteinhatchee51
701933Merritt IslandOrsino; Cocoa Beach
Audubon Road/Banana River Drive Merritt Island to Orsino
520 Merritt Island to Cocoa Beach
original 70, defined in 1927 from Sumterville to Webster, became part of 2 in 1931
711935Tallahasseealong Miccosukee Road, then south to 1 and northwest to 10146 Tallahassee along Miccosukee Road
unbuilt circumferential route near Dempsey Mayo Road

original 71, defined in 1927, went from Croom to Coleman, and was repealed in 1935
721937Hague103 southwest of La Crosse237
original 72, defined in 1927, went from Bunnell to Flagler Beach, and became part of 28 in 1937
731927229 west of Bridgeport34th Avenue North and 9th Street, St. Petersburg593 (now 611) west of Bridgeport to Bayview
55 Bayview to east of Largo
693 east of Largo to Pinellas Park
694 in Pinellas Park
689 Pinellas Park to St. Petersburg
defined from Moncrief Corner (on 64) north to Dellwood (on 17) in 1927; extended north and south in 1931
741929OcalaLecanto200 Ocala to Hernando
unbuilt Hernando to Lecanto
original 74, defined in 1927 from Chiefland to Sumner, became part of 77 in 1929
extended from Hernando to Lecanto in 1935
751927DeLand140 in Coronado Beach40 (now 44)
extended from New Smyrna Beach to Coronado Beach in 1945
771927112 at BeachvilleSumner49 Beachville to Trenton
unbuilt Trenton to Chiefland
345 Chiefland to Sumner
initially defined in 1927 from 5-A east of Branford south to 19 (later 500) near Bronson; south end rerouted to Chiefland in 1929 and extended to Sumner over former 74 (defined 1927); extended north to Beachville in 1939
routing between Trenton and Chiefland was precisely defined in 1939; had previously used Southwest 5th Street out of Trenton, coming onto Northwest 30th Avenue (now 345) to 500 east of Chiefland, but was moved to go southwest from Trenton to the county line and then south on Northwest 50th Avenue into Chiefland; the original route was mostly used when the current 49 was built in the 1950s (note that 49's original 1945 route along Northwest 10th Avenue was in some ways closer to pre-1945 77-A)
77-A1931Trenton500 northwest of Bronson49 Trenton to Gilchrist-Levy County line
339 Gilchrist-Levy County line to northwest of Bronson
defined in 1931 from Trenton to 19 (later 500) at the Waccasassa River (as 339 goes now); south end moved to 19 at Bronson Avenue in 1933 and routing more precisely defined in 1939; moved again in 1943 (or 1941? I need to look up chapter 20346, and 20373 to see if it replaced 77-B) back to the original plan for a southeasterly route to the curve in 500, but the diagonal road was not built southeast of the county line until the 1950s
77-B1935High SpringsTrentonunbuilt
may have been extended from Trenton southeast to 500 northwest of Bronson in 1941, but this became 77-A in 1943
78 (South Jacksonville to St. Augustine) became part of 140 in 1941
79193330 west of the Kissimmee RiverTampa60
original 79 as defined in 1927 went from Wewahitchka to Panama City, but became part of 52 in 1933
801927Keystone HeightsMcMeekin21
80-A1937Keystone HeightsHawthorne21 Keystone Heights to Melrose
219 Melrose to Hawthorne (unbuilt north of 234 (now 1474); local roads south to Hawthorne)
811927Lebanon Station74 east of Dunnellon336 Lebanon Station to Dunnellon
484 Dunnellon to east of Dunnellon
defined from Chiefland to Dunnellon in 1927; extended east to 74 in 1933 and transferred to 15 northwest of Lebanon Station in 1937
81-A1937Lebanon StationNewberryOld Lebanon Road Lebanon Station to northeast of Gulf Hammock
343/337 northeast of Gulf Hammock to Bronson
337 Bronson to Newberry

defined in 1931 from Lebanon Station to Inglis; this became part of 15 in 1937
ran from Georgia to Lake City in 1927; extended to Trenton in 1935 over what had been 83 (defined 1927)
831935Vicksburg10 north of West Bay388
original 83 was defined in 1927 from Lake City to Trenton and absorbed by 82 in 1935
841927AlabamaChipola Park167 Alabama to Marianna (now Old US Road and 166)
extended from Marianna to Alabama in 1939
what was 1941 chapter 20231?
84-W194184 north of Florida Caverns84 south of Florida Cavernsunbuilt
851927StuartOkeechobee76 Stuart to Indiantown
710 Indiantown to Okeechobee
861927ArcadiaPunta Gorda35
871927Alabama7 north of Cottage Hill97
89192744 at St. Johns River4 near Aurantiaunbuilt/Harrison Road
901927Neals LandingVernon2 Neals Landing to east of Malone
165 east of Malone to Greenwood
71 Greenwood to Marianna
276 Marianna to Steele City
local roads/278 Steele City to east of Wausau
278 east of Wausau to Vernon
defined in 1927 from Neals Landing to Marianna; extended 1929 to Florida Industrial School for Boys, 1931 to Steele City, and 1933 to Vernon
92192769 near Live Oak5-A northwest of Mayo250 Live Oak to Dowling Park
251 Dowling Park to northwest of Mayo
931927PensacolaInnerarity Point (site of unbuilt bridge)292 Pensacola to Gulf Beach Heights
Innerarity Point Road Gulf Beach Heights to Innerarity Point
941927Lake JacksonGeorgia157
951927St. AugustineGulf of Mexico near Keaton Beach214 St. Augustine to Tocoi
unbuilt Tocoi to West Tocoi
214 West Tocoi to west of Sun Garden
unbuilt west of Sun Garden to Gulf of Mexico (except for a few short local roads)
defined in 1927 to run from Tocoi straight west to the Gulf of Mexico; extended to St. Augustine in 1933
971927CypressAltha275 Cypress to northeast of Alliance
Hansford Road/Dowling Road/Alliance Road northeast of Alliance to Altha
991927Worthington Springs2 near Paradise23 (now 121)
1001927Crows Bluff38 east of Starkes Ferry42

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