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Pre-1945 state roads 500-545

One useful source is a 1939 list published by the SRD. I had previously taken notes on all the laws, but this combines them in one handy booklet.

Note that many of the legislatively-defined routes were never built or never acquired by the state. This is especially true of higher numbers.

#yearfromtovia (post-1945)
5001939115 near Point Washington4 in Holly Hill; 4 in Ormond Beach395 near Point Washington
unbuilt Point Washington to east of Bruce
20 east of Bruce to Tallahassee
366 in Tallahassee
20 Tallahassee to Perry
55 in Perry (now 30)
55 Perry to Chiefland
500 Chiefland to Ocala
40 Ocala to Ormond Beach (not part of 40 east of Barberville in 1945)
abandoned/LPGA Boulevard branch to Holly Hill
renumbered in 1939 from 19 (due to confusion with US 19; legislature required "some other appropriate number, which does not contain the digits one or nine")
19 was created in 1923 from 1 east of Tallahassee to Williston, and extended west to Tallahassee and east to Ocala in 1925
19 absorbed part of 45 (Ocala to Daytona Beach, defined 1925) and 66 (Tallahassee to 20 north of Youngstown, defined 1925 from Bristol to Tallahassee via Telogia and Hosford; rerouted and extended in 1927) in 1929
19 was extended west from 20 to 115 near Point Washington in 1933 (possibly replacing a bit of 152), and realigned east of Barberville in 1939 (before being renumbered 500)
501193948 west of St. Augustine47 at Picolata208
502193914 at Elkton47 at Tocoi305/13A/214
50319394 north of St. Augustine48 west of St. Augustine16A
5041939165 west of Holmes CreekAlabamaWhitaker Road
5051939368 north of Hialeah149 in North Miami916
50619394 in Miami Shores26 in HialeahNorthwest 95th Street
50719394-A at Howard27 west of Miami973
50819394-A in Florida CityBiscayne BaySouthwest 336th Street
5091939271 in Coral Gables205 north of Homestead986
5101939372 north of Homestead4-A in Florida CitySouthwest 162nd Avenue/Southwest 344th Street
5111939219 east of Banana River140 in Indian Harbour BeachBanana River Drive/Pine Tree Drive
512193920 northeast of Panama CityPanama City Municipal Dock389/East Avenue
513193926 west of Fort Lauderdale4 in Fort Lauderdaleunbuilt/838
5141939500 west of Clarksvillesouth of Scotts Ferryunbuilt/local roads
515193984 north of Clarksville542 east of YoungstownCain Road/287/Youngstown Frink Road/Waller Road
5161939159 north of BlountstownChipola Riverunbuilt/local roads
517193926 west of Fort Lauderdale518 west of Hollywood823
5181939140 in Hollywood26 west of Hollywood820
51919391 near CypressGreenwoodDellwood Cypress Road/164A/Poplar Springs Road/Petes Road
5201939Neals LandingGreenwoodKirkland Road/Bates Road/Kimbell Road
521193990 in GreenwoodAlabamaWillis Road/Field Road/Farm Road/Old US Road
522193990 in GreenwoodChattahoochee RiverNubbin Ridge Road/69A/Circle Hill Road/Thunder Road/Parramore Road
523193990 in Greenwood6 northeast of Cottondale162/Bellamy Bridge Road/unbuilt
52419397 at Gonzalez7 near Gonzalezlocal roads (unclear which ones)
52519396 in CampbelltonBonifay273/162/local roads
52619395 in Inverness5 in Inverness45
part of 5 - so why was it defined separately?
527193959 east of Lorida349 east of Lake Placid621
52819398 at Venus8-A east of Venus731
52919398 north of Sebring59 at Lorida700A
also part of 162
5301939Green Cove Springs3 at Bostwick209
former alignment of 3?
53119395 north of Williston13 southwest of Gainesvilleunbuilt
5321939Escambia River east of Bogia87 near Oak GroveBogia Road/Pine Barren Road/Lambert Bridge Road/164
also part of 144
5331939Pensacola1 northeast of Pensacola289/290
5341939Venice181 north of Grove Cityunbuilt/776 (Beach Road)
53519397 at Olive1-A at Ferry Pass290
5361939Pensacola1 northeast of Pensacola12th Avenue/unbuilt
53719397 at Ensley1-A north of Ferry Pass10
53819397 at CantonmentAlabama184
53919396 north of Gaskins97 north of Altha275 north of Gaskins to south of Altha
Calvin Martin Road/Ira Fowler Road/Albert Tindell Road/274/Barfield Road south of Altha to Henderson Mill
69A/Mount Olive Cemetery Road Henderson Mill to north of Altha
54019396 north of Altha126Mount Olive Cemetery Road/unbuilt
54119396 near Chipola ParkBroad Branchlocal roads
54219396 south of Blountstown20 south of Youngstown69/Marysville School Road south of Blountstown to Scotts Ferry
71/392 Scotts Ferry to south of Youngstown
5431939Apalachicola River20 at BettsOcheesee Landing Road/274
54419391 west of PensacolaSaufley Field296
designated instead of 341 on an airport connection
5451939314 west of TampaMacDill Air Force Base685
designated instead of 341 on an airport connection

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