Thursday, June 6, 2013

Pre-1945 state roads 259-269

One useful source is a 1939 list published by the SRD. I had previously taken notes on all the laws, but this combines them in one handy booklet.

Note that many of the legislatively-defined routes were never built or never acquired by the state. This is especially true of higher numbers.

#yearfromtovia (post-1945)
2591933Orange ParkSt. Johns River224 Orange Park to Doctors Inlet
220 Doctors Inlet to north of Hibernia
15A north of Hibernia to St. Johns River
260193368 near Belmore3 near Hiberniaunbuilt Belmore to Penney Farms
218 north of Penney Farms
218 north of Penney Farms to Russell (now 739B)
209B near Russell
unbuilt Russell to Hibernia
defined in 1933 from 68 to Russell; extended to 3 in 1935
261193355 north of PittmanStarke19 north of Pittman to Rodman
310 Rodman to north of Kenwood
315 north of Kenwood to near Belmore
unbuilt near Belmore to Camp Blanding
230 Camp Blanding to Starke
defined in 1933 from 2 in Lisbon north to 38 via Emeralda Avenue/Goose Prairie Road/Felkins Road/452; extended to Starke in 1935 (absorbing 68-B, defined in 1933 from 28 near Belmore to Grandin); south end moved in 1937
261-A19413 at Satsuma261 southeast of Salt Springs309 Satsuma to Fort Gates Ferry
unbuilt Fort Gates Ferry to southeast of Salt Springs
replaced part of 308 from Satsuma to Welaka (defined 1935)
262193386 northeast of Punta GordaCharlotte-Glades County line74
2631933230 in St. Petersburg233 in St. Pete Beach22nd Avenue South/Gulfport Boulevard St. Petersburg to South Pasadena
690 South Pasadena to St. Pete Beach (now 693)
264193323 near Trilby5 at Floral City700 Trilby to Rital
Croom Rital Road Rital to Nobleton
39 Nobleton to Floral City
2651933BagdadJay191A Bagdad to Floridatown (now partly abandoned)
197 Floridatown to Jay
defined in 1933 from Bagdad to 1 near Floridatown; extended to Jay in 1935
26619331 near FloridaleAlabamaDeaton Bridge Road/Sandy Landing Road/Belandville Road
267193328 at Putnam HallGainesville26
268193322 west of LecantoHomosassa490
26919335 northeast of Brooksville22 in Inverness581

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