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Pre-1945 state roads 397-449

One useful source is a 1939 list published by the SRD. I had previously taken notes on all the laws, but this combines them in one handy booklet.

Note that many of the legislatively-defined routes were never built or never acquired by the state. This is especially true of higher numbers.

397 to 449 were all in Orange County, and all added by the same law (1939 chapter 19049). Most were paved with asphalt in a 1926 county bond issue. I have included a column for these county numbers (associated names are also given), and those that were not in chapter 19049 are listed at the end. (Note that some numbers were skipped; these were assigned in early planning but did not make it to paving. I do not have a complete list of these, so they are not currently included here.) The law also extended 3-A south from Orlando along old 2 and redundantly redesignated 288 in Orange County.

#CR #fromtovia (post-1945)
3971222Fairvilla Road/Mercy Drive/New Hampshire Street/Brengle Avenue/Bryn Mawr Street/Eunice Avenue/Shader Road
Fairvilla Road
3982429 (old 2)Seminole County431 (now 434)
Forest City Road
3993398 (CR 2)3 in Maitland438A
Eatonville Road
CR 3 ended at Maitland city limits (East Street)
4006397 (CR 1) at 432Fairvilla Road at Rio Grande Avenue438 (now 416)/424A
Fairvilla Road
4009Fairvilla Road at Rio Grande Avenue429 (old 2)424A
Maury Road Fairvilla north to state road
22 at Winter Garden city limits434 (CR 67)9th Street
4017434 (CR 67)437Beulah Road/Marshall Farms Road/Windermere Road
Winter Garden-Windermere Road
40211Orlando city limits (west of Bumby Street)Corrine Drive at Lakemont AvenueCorrine Drive
Lake Corinne-East Winter Park Road
CR 11 was only on the part east of Winter Park Road; the rest had already been paved (along with Winter Park Road)
40212Corrine Drive at Lakemont Avenue202Lakemont Avenue
Cheney Highway north to East Winter Park road
CR 12 was only on the part south of the railroad crossing (between Loch Berry Road and Dundee Drive)
40312402 (CR 11)22Bennett Road
Cheney Highway north to East Winter Park road
403132229 (CR 20) at 411 (CR 21)Griffin Avenue (through the current Orlando Executive Airport site)/15 (Conway Road)
Lake Underhill Road
CR 13 was only built north of 405 (CR 14/CR 80), though it was planned on the whole thing
40414Bumby Street (Orlando city limits)406 (CR 15)15 (South Street)
South Lake Underhill Road
40514406 (CR 15)403 (CR 13)Palmer Street/15-526 (Lake Underhill Road)
South Lake Underhill Road
40580403 (CR 13)438 (CR 79)526 (Lake Underhill Road)
McCracken Road
2929 (CR 20)Michigan Street/Conway Gardens Road/Grant Street/Crystal Lake Drive
4061529 (CR 20)Crystal Lake Drive at Washington StreetCrystal Lake Drive
Crystal Lake Road
Crystal Lake Drive at Washington Street22unclear; possibly Crystal Lake Drive/Amelia Street/Herndon Avenue
4071622Bumby Street at Lake Margaret DriveBumby Avenue
Bumby Street County Home Road
partly along Orlando city limits
40743Bumby Street at Lake Margaret Drive411 (CR 21)Lake Margaret Drive/Crystal Lake Drive/Anderson Road/Hurd Avenue/Lake Margaret Drive/Dixie Belle Drive/Grant Street/Fredrica Drive
Lake Fredrica Road
40817Grant Avenue (Orlando city limits)Summerlin Avenue at Gatlin AvenueDelaney Avenue/Osceola Avenue/Baxter Street/Summerlin Avenue
40833Summerlin Avenue at Gatlin Avenue2Gatlin Avenue/Holden Avenue
Clear Lake-Holden Avenue-Gatlin Avenue Road
420 (CR 40/CR 41)3-A (old 2)L.B. McLeod Road/33rd Street/Rio Grande Avenue/29th Street/Westmoreland Drive/428 (Michigan Street)
was planned, at least in part, as an extension of CR 40
409183-A (old 2)407 (CR 16)428 (Michigan Street)
Michigan Avenue
41019441 (CR 84)448Kaley Avenue
Kaley Avenue
4112129 (CR 20) at 403 (CR 13)Seminole County526A (now 552)/425
Curry Ford-Garnsey-Dean Road
4122222Seminole CountyRouse Road
Iron Bridge-Dan Rouse Road
4132410th Street (Apopka city limits)Apopka-Vineland Road at Silver Star Road435
Apopka-Vineland to county line
41332Apopka-Vineland Road at Silver Star RoadTurkey Lake Road at Sand Lake Road435/Hiawassee Road/439
Hiawassee Road-Apopka-Clarcona Road
41339Turkey Lake Road at Sand Lake Road414 (CR 24)Sand Lake Road
Sand Lake Road
414242224 (CR 38) in VinelandApopka-Vineland Road
Apopka-Vineland to county line
41525437 at Gotha414 (CR 24)Gotha Road
Gotha Road
41626440 (CR 83)29 (CR 27)Dowden Road (partly abandoned)
Taft-Narcoossee Road
4172829 (CR 27) south of Conway286 (CR 28/CR 72)528A (now 506)
Bear Head-Lake Conway Road
4183122Osceola CountyTaylor Creek Road/520/419 (now 532)
East Christmas-James Creek Road
CR 31 only went from 22 to a point south of Nettles Road
41933287 (CR 78)408 (CR 17)Pershing Avenue/Dixie Belle Drive/Gatlin Avenue/Conway Gardens Road/Pershing Avenue
Clear Lake-Holden Avenue-Gatlin Avenue Road
CR 33 was proposed but not built from 29 west to 441
42036413 (CR 24)24McCormick Road
McCormick Road
42140413 (CR 32)409Vineland Road
Orlando-Vineland Road
42141409Carter Street (Orlando city limits)Bruton Boulevard/Columbia Street/Goldwyn Avenue/Orange Center Boulevard/Tampa Avenue
Orlando-Vineland Road
42242420 (CR 41)Texas Avenue (Orlando city limits)Goldwyn Avenue/C.R. Smith Street/423/Church Street
Church Street Extension
423442Seminole CountyPiedmont Wekiwa Road/Wekiwa Springs Road
Piedmont-Wekiwa Springs Road
28845Seminole County2436
Apopka-Forest City Road
became part of 288 in 1937
4244924 (CR 48)2 north of ZellwoodKelly Park Road/Round Lake Road/Sadler Road
Rock Springs-Bay Ridge-Lake Ola Road
425502Lake CountyJunction Road/Round Lake Road
Zellwood-Round Lake Road
426512 at Lake County line290 (CR 49)Crane Avenue/Dora Drive/Beauclair Avenue/Clayton Street
Mount Dora-Lake Gem Road
CR 51 did not include Crane Avenue
427562Trimble ParkEarlwood Avenue/Trimble Park Road
Trimble Park Road
42858Lake County425 (CR 50)Jones Avenue
Fertilizer Plant Road
42859425 (CR 50)24 (CR 48)Ponkan Road
Zellwood-Rock Springs Road
Orlando city limits (Par Street)2 at Plymouth424
former alignment of 2
429622 at PlymouthLake County437
Plymouth-Sorrento Road
43063429 (old 2)Seminole CountyMott Avenue/Beggs Road/Eden Park Road
Eden Park Avenue Road
43164Seminole County2Rose Avenue
Rose Avenue Road
Ocoee city limits (west of West Avenue)397 (CR 1) at 400 (CR 6)438 (now partly 416)
planned, at least in part, as CR 65
43366Ocoee city limits (Chicago Avenue)Good Homes RoadOrlando Avenue/White Road
Starke Lake Road
Oakland-Orlando Road
43568401 (CR 7)22Tomyn Boulevard/Marshall Farms Road/Maguire Road/Geneva Street
Marshall Farms Road
43669437 (CR 73) in Windermere413 (CR 32)439
East Windermere-Turkey Lake Road
4377324 (CR 38)436 (CR 69) in WindermereChase Road/Main Street
Chase Road
436 (CR 69) in Windermere22Main Street/Maguire Road/Park Ridge-Gotha Road/6th Street/Hempel Avenue
already paved in 1926 as a spur from 22 to Windermere
4387922411 (CR 21)526 (now 436)
East Lake Barton Road
4398129419 (CR 33)Simmons Road/Kennedy Avenue
Simmons Road
440833-A (old 2)Osceola County527A (4th Street/Boggy Creek Road)
Boggy Creek Road
4418429 (CR 20)Little Lake ConwayFern Creek Avenue
Fern Creek Road
only CR 84 along Orlando city limits (north of Grant Street)
Maitland city limits (east of Seneca Trail)Seminole County436A
Ocoee city limits24/202 (CR 5) at Fullers437
already paved in 1926 as part of Ocoee-Apopka Road (the rest of which was 24)
285Nela Avenue at Matchett RoadRandolph Avenue/Wallace Street/Matchett Road (?)
44435Nela Avenue at Matchett Road286 (CR 28)Matchett Road/Perkins Road/Gondola Drive
Bear Head-Belle Isle-Perkins Road
411 (CR 21)202436A (University Boulevard/Hall Road)
technically entered Seminole County to reach 202
202 (CR 5)Ocoee city limitsClarcona-Ocoee Road/Lakewood Avenue
was planned as part of CR 4 (as was 202 east to Clarcona)
242437 (Binion Road/Lake View Drive)
29 (CR 20)407 (CR 43)Peel Avenue
22420 (CR 41)Ivey Lane/Elston Lane/Columbia Street
3 in MaitlandOsceola County527
former alignment of 2 and 3; 3-A already existed from 202 in Winter Park to 22 in Orlando (defined 1935)
2024429 (old 2)413 (CR 24)Clarcona-Ocoee Road
Clarcona-Ocoee Road
became part of 202 in 1935
5Crest Avenue east of Palm Drive, Winter Garden446Crest Avenue/Fullers Cross Road/East Crown Point Road/Fullers Cross Road
Fullers Crossing-Winter Garden Road
became part of 24 (Winter Garden to 443 at Fullers) and 202 (443 at Fullers to 446) in 1935

6Fairvilla Road at Rio Grande AvenuePrinceton AvenueRio Grande Avenue
Fairvilla Road
partly along Orlando city limits

15Crystal Lake Drive at Washington Street407 (CR 16)Washington Street
Crystal Lake Road
2920441 (CR 84)407 (CR 43)Curry Ford Road/15 (Conway Road)
Conway Road
repaved an existing brick road with asphalt
became part of 29 in 1931
242424 (CR 38) in VinelandOsceola County535
Apopka-Vineland to county line
became part of 24 in 1935
2927417 (CR 28) south of ConwayOsceola County15
Narcoossee Road
became part of 29 in 1931
286283-A (old 2)417 (CR 28)528
Bear Head-Lake Conway Road
became part of 286 in 1935
2962922Lake Pickett Road at Fort Christmas Road420
Hodges-Ford-Lake Pickett Road
became part of 296 in 1935
29630Lake Pickett Road at Fort Christmas RoadFort Christmas Road at West Christmas Road420
Chuluota-Fort Christmas Road
became part of 296 in 1935
2963122Fort Christmas Road at West Christmas Road420
East Christmas-James Creek Road
became part of 296 in 1935

332Rio Grande AvenueHolden Avenue
Clear Lake-Holden Avenue-Gatlin Avenue Road
286343-A (old 2)1/4 mile east of 2528 (Landstreet Road)
Taft-Hiawassee Road
became part of 286 in 1935

353-A (old 2)Nela Avenue at Matchett RoadNela Avenue
Bear Head-Belle Isle-Perkins Road
2438north of Roper Road (end of existing pavement)414 (CR 24)535
Winter Garden-Vineland Road
became part of 24 in 1935

4329 (CR 20)407 (CR 43)Lake Margaret Drive
Lake Fredrica Road

46429 (old 2)288 (CR 45)Sheeler Avenue
Lawrence Avenue-Apopka Road
2448Oak Street (Apopka city limits)Lake County435
Apopka-Rock Springs-Mount Plymouth Road
became part of 24 in 1935

49Kelly Park24 (CR 48)Kelly Park Road
Rock Springs-Bay Ridge-Lake Ola Road

492 north of ZellwoodLake County448
Rock Springs-Bay Ridge-Lake Ola Road

52290 (CR 49)CR 51Sloewood Drive
South Lake Ola Road

532CR 55Lake Ola Drive/Lake Street
Tangerine Road

5322South Sadler Road/Laughlin Road
Tangerine Road

54424 (CR 49)CR 53Laughlin Road
McLaughlin Clay Pit Road

552CR 51Dudley Avenue
North Tangerine Road

56427 (CR 56)Lake CarltonEarlwood Avenue
Trimble Park Road

592425 (CR 50)Ponkan Road
Zellwood-Rock Springs Road
285713-A (old 2)2528A (Oak Ridge Road/Winegard Road/Lancaster Road)
Pinecastle-Oak Ridge-Landstreet Road
became part of 285 in 1935

712Lake Ellenor DriveLancaster Road
Pinecastle-Oak Ridge-Landstreet Road
28672417 (CR 28)29 (CR 27)528
Bear Head-Narcoossee Road
became part of 286 in 1935
2087445 degree curve south of Black Lake outlet (end of existing pavement)1/4 mile north of Phil Ritson Way545
Avalon Road
became part of 208 in 1931
208751/4 mile north of Phil Ritson WayOsceola County545
Hickory Nut Lake Road
became part of 208 in 1931
2877829 (CR 27)20215A (now 551)
Narcoossee-Golden Rod Road
became 287 in 1935

82427 (CR 56)CR 53Lake Ola Drive
Swift Road

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