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Pre-1945 state roads 142-164

One useful source is a 1939 list published by the SRD. I had previously taken notes on all the laws, but this combines them in one handy booklet.

Note that many of the legislatively-defined routes were never built or never acquired by the state. This is especially true of higher numbers.

#yearfromtovia (post-1945)
142192967 west of Moore HavenLaBelle78 west of Moore Haven to LaBelle
29 in LaBelle
1431929Canal PointBelle Glade15
1441929Milton87 west of Oak Grove191 Milton to north of Wallace
Tidwell Road/Segrest Road north of Wallace to Chumuckla
182 in Chumuckla
Chumuckla Springs Road Chumuckla to Mineral Springs
Mineral Springs Road Mineral Springs to Bogia (bridge has been removed)
Bogia Road/Pine Barren Road/Lambert Bridge Road/164 Bogia to west of Oak Grove
1451929Brighton29 near Lakeport721
1461929Theressa68 west of Hampton Beach18
all part of 68
1471929RaifordGeorgia (at bridge to Moniac)229 Raiford to Sanderson
127 Sanderson to Georgia
ran only from Raiford to 154 until 1931, when it was extended over 155 (also defined 1929)
1481929OlusteeLake Butler231
1491929140 in Deerfield BeachMiami810 Deerfield Beach to West Dixie Bend
7 West Dixie Bend to Miami
defined in 1929 from 4 in Deerfield Beach to Miami; extended to 140 in 1937
1501929Campbellton90 east of Malone2
1511929SevilleBunnell305 Seville to Deanville
304 Deanville to Codys Corner
11 Codys Corner to Bunnell
152192910 east of FreeportGrayton Beach83 east of Freeport to north of Grayton Beach
395 north of Grayton Beach (now 283)
before the Choctawhatchee Bay Bridge was built, the ferry led to Point Washington, but it's not clear what it did south of there (Old Ferry Road? current 395 (which later became 500)? something in between? did it continue south on current 395 (pre-1945 329)?)
1531929Mossy HeadGordon285 Mossy Head to New Harmony (now 1087)
2A New Harmony to Gordon
154192949 south of Glen St. MaryEddy125
defined in 1929 from Glen St. Mary to Taylor; extended north to Eddy in 1931 and south to 49 in 1939
1551939TaylorBaxterBaxter Road
original 155 defined in 1929 from Lawt Conner's Farm (on 154?) to Moniac bridge; this probably became part of 147 in 1931, but the 1931 list has both 147 all the way to Moniac bridge and a redundant 155, and the 1937 list has it at the end as "omitted"
1561929Dade City17 in Tampa41
defined in 1929 from 23 south of Zephyrhills to Thonotosassa; extended southwest to Tampa and north to Dade City in 1933
15719294 north of DinsmoreGeorgia (passing through once, then returning to Florida)2 (including Acree Road/Thomas Creek Drive/Crawford Kent Road)
1581933Stokes FerryBrooksville491 Stokes Ferry to northwest of Brooksville
485 northwest of Brooksville (now 700)
original 158, defined in 1929, went from Panama City to Chipley; became part of 52 in 1933
160192981 near Cow Creek15 northwest of Inglisunbuilt
1611929Bradenton18-A near Verna64 Bradenton to Manatee River
675 Manatee River to Verna
1621929332 in Fort PierceZolfo SpringsA1A in Fort Pierce (Seaway Drive)
68 Fort Pierce to St. Lucie-Okeechobee County line
unbuilt St. Lucie-Okeechobee County line to south of Fort Drum
68 south of Fort Drum to Basinger
unbuilt Basinger to Fort Basinger
66 Fort Basinger to Lorida (now 700)
700A Lorida to Sebring
17/25 in Sebring
634 Sebring to Highlands Hammock State Park
Hammock Road through Highlands Hammock State Park
636 Highlands Hammock State Park to Zolfo Springs
started out in 1929 from Fort Pierce to Sebring; extended east across the Intracoastal Waterway to 332 in 1933 and west to Zolfo Springs in 1935
162-A1939162 at St. Lucie-Okeechobee County lineSebring68 St. Lucie-Okeechobee County line to south of Fort Drum
unbuilt south of Fort Drum to Sebring
original 163 was defined in 1929 from Grand Ridge to Blountstown, and appears in 1931 list, but always duplicated 159
1641929VenusChokoloskee Island731 Venus to LaBelle
29 LaBelle to Chokoloskee Island
defined from Venus to Everglades in 1929; extended to Chokoloskee Island in 1935

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