Wednesday, May 8, 2013

1941 chapter 20279 (Osceola County)

In 1941 the state legislature established a whole bunch of (potential) state roads. That year, the State Road Department stopped assigning numbers to all such proposed roads, only adding new numbers as roads were taken over (or otherwise established?). Of course the renumbering happened in 1945, entirely eliminating the numbers of many older potential state roads. The following were designated in chapter 20279:

  1. Vineland Road. Kissimmee city limits west-northwest to Orange County. Post-1945 SR 530 and 535. Already part of SR 24.
  2. Lake Wilson Road. #1 west to Lake Wilson. Post-1945 SR 530. Already part of SR 257.
  3. Floyd Bronson Road. #1 south about 2 mi. Now Bass Road.
  4. Mail Road and Road to Spence place. #1 east-north about 3 mi. Now Babb Road.
  5. Lake Wilson-Loughman Road. #2 south to Polk County. Post-1945 SR 530 (now CR 545). Already part of SR 208.
  6. Lake Wilson-Elmer Sharp Road. #2 west to Elmer Sharp place. Now Funie Steed Road. Already part of SR 257.
  7. Sharp-Minnick Road. #6 south-east to Hancock place. Now Goodman Road.
  8. Campbell Station-Pleasant Hill Road. SR 17 (600) south-east to #9. Now Ham Brown Road (post-1945 SR 535) and Reaves Road
  9. Pleasant Hill Road. SR 17 (600) south about 9.5 mi. Post-1945 SR 531.
  10. Mac Overstreet Road. #9 east to Lake Toho. Now the north part of Bellalago Drive.
  11. Southport Road. #9 east to Southport Canal.
  12. Gilbert Park-Airport Road. SR 17 (600) north to Kissimmee Airport. Now Hoagland Boulevard.
  13. Boggy Creek Road. SR 24 (500) east-north to Myers Road..
  14. Boggy Creek-Orange County extension. #13 north-east-south-east to SR 29 (15).
  15. Old Kissimmee-St. Cloud Road. Kissimmee city limits southeast to St. Cloud city limits. Now Neptune Road (post-1945 SR 525 west of Old Canoe Creek Road).
  16. Pinkey Villa Road. #15 south to Lake Toho. Now Kings Highway (post-1945 SR 525).
  17. Partin Settlement Road. #15 east-southeast to St. Cloud city limits. Post-1945 SR 523.
  18. Kissimmee Park Road. #15 south-west to Lake Toho. Post-1945 SR 525.
  19. Canoe Creek Road. #18 south-east to Kenansville town limits. Post-1945 SR 523 (except Old Canoe Creek Road).
  20. St. Cloud-Canoe Creek Road. St. Cloud city limits south to #19. Post-1945 SR 523.
  21. Hickory Tree Road. SR 24 (500) south to #22. Post-1945 SR 534.
  22. Mail Route Road. #21 south-east to SR 24 (15-500). Now Hickory Tree Road (post-1945 SR 534).
  23. School Bus Route. #22 (in section 32) south to #19 (about 4.5 mi). Unknown.
  24. Collie Batton Road. Narcoossee town limits east to Old Collie Batton Place. Now Jones Road?
  25. Collie Batton-South Road. #24 south-west to SR 24 (15-500). Unknown.
  26. Narcoossee-McCrory Road. East end of Narcoossee Paved Road east about 5 mi to Orange County. Unknown.
  27. Old Melbourne Road. St. Cloud city limits east to SR 24 (500) (northwest of Deer Park).
  28. Old Melbourne-Holopaw Road. #27 south to SR 24 (15-500). Now Turn Around Bay Road (post-1945 SR 15 cutoff).
  29. Tohopkee Road. #27 north to Tohopkee. Old FEC grade (post-1945 SR 15 cutoff).
  30. Bull Creek Road. SR 29 (15) north-east to Bull Creek. Now Ten Mile Road.
  31. Fellsmere Road. SR 29 (15) south-east to Brevard County.
  32. Peavine Road. Kenansville town limits south to Okeechobee County.
  33. Camp Hammock Road. #19 south-west to Lake Kissimmee. Now Joe Overstreet Road.
  34. Carroll Road. #35 north to Orange County. Post-1945 SR 419.
  35. Old Deer Park Road. SR 24 (500) to SR 24 (500) through Deer Park.
  36. Macy Island Road. #15 south to Lake Toho.
Chapter 20370 simply repeated these, except for 1-2-5-9-13-15-16-17-18-21-27, all of which were already paved (as was 35). Chapter 20432 repeated these paved roads and added one new road (which was already paved):
  • Hillard Island Road. #13 east. Post-1945 SR 530A.

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